In Pakistan.

The group is now in Pakistan, just.

This web page comes to you from the customs compound just on the Pakistan side of the Iran - Pakistan border at Mirjaweh. The reason we are still here, is that we have been advised not to risk the drive to the next major town in Pakistan so late in the day. There are, we are told "security risks", but not here where we are protected by 50 armed constables!

John and John discuss the exchange rate!The border crossing from Iran to Pakistan whilst slow (2.5 hours) and in places confusing, was easy and good natured. Indeed we were all given a cup of tea (made, as is traditional in Pakistan, with condensed milk) by the "boss" of Pakistan immigration, who also showed us his considerable collection of letters, cards and photographs from other overlanders.

The local traveling banks arrived within minutes of our parking here and provide an excellent foreign exchange service.

Before leaving Iran we passed by the earthquake devastated city of Bam where nearly all the buildings in the centre of the city had been either destroyed or badly damaged.

Stephen Stewart.

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