Photographs (March/April 2004).

This page contains photographs of the group during March/April 2004. The time (if given) on a photograph is GMT and therefore differs from local time by up to 4 hours.

Because of their size these photographs were uploaded from a cooperative "Internet Cafe" in the Yazd, Iran.

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2004-03-27. Although Bern, Switzerland, does not have a camp site near the old town there is a suitable car park that can be used for "wild" camping just opposite the bear pit and near the Rosengarten.

2004-03-30. A mask shop in Venice, Italy.

2004-04-01. A rather aggressive Disabled Driver sticker in Croatia.

2004-04-02. The entire group meets for the first time at Opatija, Croatia. From left to right Stephen (Mog), Peter (Imp), Ann (K-Nine), John (OJ), Maureen (Womble), Clive (K-Nine), Olwyn (OJ), John (Speed) and Pat (Mog). The van in the background is John's van Speed.

2004-04-06. The harbour Dubrovnik, Croatia.

2004-04-06. Dubrovnik, Croatia from the city walls.

2004-04-09. Damage to Imp from "discussions" with a local car in Albania.

2004-04-17. Ann collects here frozen washing in Göreme, Turkey.

2004-04-15. Cave houses, hotels and churches in Göreme, Turkey.

2004-04-16. Balloons at sunrise over our camp site in Göreme, Turkey.

2004-04-18. Three of the stone heads at Nemrut Dagi, Turkey.

2004-4-19. The ferry across the Euphrates was intended for three lines of vehicles, but if you try very hard you can get all six of our vans on and two more lines of cars, with several millimeters to spare!

2004-4-19. Womble is searched in vain for Maureen's passport.

A 10th century Armenian church - 'Church of the Holy Cross' (Akdamar Kilisesi) - a marvel of Armenian architecture on a small island in Lake Van, Turkey.

Part of Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq, Esfahan, Iran.

The best tea house in Esfahan, Iran (or so we were told) in a pier of the Chubi bridge.

The most attractive bridge in Esfahan, Iran is the two level Khaju bridge.

Part of the processes of grinding dyes for carpet, Esfahan, Iran.

Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq, Esfahan, Iran at night.

The rare Iranian Giant Swan migrating.

Stephen Stewart.

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