As seen on TV.

On 2002-01-22 Maureen was interviewed on the afternoon chat show "Richard & Judy" (shown on UK TV Channel 4). Womble had been taken to the studio (on a transporter!) and the interview took place inside the van. The "Richard and Judy" web site described the feature as:

Camper Van Super Gran.

63-year-old pensioner Maureen Middleton packed a few belongings, kissed goodbye to her three children and two grandchildren, put diesel in her camper van 'Womble' and set off from her home town of Scarborough on 6th April 2002 for the journey of a lifetime.

She returned back to the UK on Friday 17th January 2003, having travelled through, Europe, China, India and Iran to name a few. She is in the Richard & Judy studio to tell us her extraordinary 28,000-mile tale of adventure.

At the moment the "Richard and Judy" web site suggests that for more information "on camper vans and joining up with other people for trips around the globe check out the Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly magazine."

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