Faster and Slower in Iran.

Now there is only one group left traveling but they have...

The three Anglophones are now in Iran. On the 2002-12-12 Les and Margaret (Kon-Tiki) sent the following e-mail:

After crossing Pakistan in six days with no problems at all (well no security problems anyway) we crossed the border into Iran on the 5th of December 2002 (I think). In Zahedan we met our guide Ali and drove with him up to Bam where we visited the old city/citadel and stocked up on shopping, having avoided all inessential stops in Pakistan). Bam was a big hit as the old city is huge and superb, having been deserted 300 years ago, but dating from much earlier.

Bam was the point at which we (Kon-Tiki) left the others (K-Nine and Womble) and set out on our own. We want to make swifter progress back to the UK and the others were content with a more leisurely pace and more tourist-ing.

Since then we've made fast progress to Shiraz, Persepolis and now Esfahan.

Regrettably, and for the 5th time, our 24v alternator failed and so we had to wait in Shiraz for 1.5 days till it was fixed. (A new alternator this time!). The 12v alternator was also giving trouble so that was fixed too, but wrongly so it is still not working well.

Persepolis was fantastic, much better than expected. It's a very big site and there is lots to see despite Alexander the Great's pillaging and pyrotechnics.

Les and Margaret.

Stephen Stewart.

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