Photographs (August 2002).

This page contains photographs of the group during August 2002. The time on each photograph is GMT and therefore differs from local time by 8 hours.

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Pingyao. A Ming Dynasty walled city and UNESCO World Heritage site.

We arrive in Beijing.

The Summer Palace lake, Beijing..

Womble, Kon-Tiki and K-Nine are serviced at the Mercedes Truck garage in Beijing (the gearbox is not one of ours!).

Qufu. The Confucius Temple, very beautiful - a "Forbidden City", only smaller and more manageable, with grass, trees and few people.

Carl stays in touch using his Iridium satellite phone (that has to be used outdoors with a clear view of the sky) connected to his laptop computer.

Collecting lotus seed heads in the "Garden of the Humble Administrator" in Suzhou.

Part of the "Master of the Nets" garden in Suzhou.

Ann putting a brave face on the heat in our underground parking area in Shanghai.

Me hot?

View from the pedestrian shuttle pod under the river, Shanghai. Err, interesting.

Shanghai by day and night.

A traditional Chinese pharmacy preparing a prescription.

Stephen Stewart.

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