Photographs (July 2002).

This page contains photographs of the group during the first half of July 2002. The time on each photograph is GMT and therefore differs from local time by up to 8 hours.

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The excitement of travel!

Les and a new friend by the shores of Lake Yssyk-Kol, Kyrgyzstan.

Mog testing the depth of a mountain stream near Lake Yssyk-Kol, Kyrgyzstan.

Clive and Ann by K-Nine. Note the washing machine and rinsing bowls.

Maureen by Womble. Note that Womble is "on charge" from K-Nine's inverter.

Carl and Mary by Bigfoot. (Yes it is a caravan stuck on a 4x4 truck).

Les and Margaret by Kon-Tiki. (And a very clean van it is too!)

Stephen and Pat by Mog.

Maureen (before the hair cut!) and Clive.

Les (don't ask).

Mary (don't ask).

Our most successful camp fire to date, Kyrgyzstan.

Carl re-lives his childhood, Kyrgyzstan.

As does Pat, Kyrgyzstan.

Womble parked by Lake Yssyk-Kol, Kyrgyzstan.

The 35 metre Rotel vehicle that tried (and failed) to squeeze in with the nine campervans at Naryn, Kyrgyzstan.

The celebration meal at Naryn just after the French and Anglophone groups met, Kyrgyzstan. Don't ask about Ann we don't know!

The caravanserai at Tash Rabat just before the Torugart Pass, Kyrgyzstan.

A yurt camp and restaurant at Tash Rabat just before the Torugart Pass, Kyrgyzstan.

The four French vans arrive at the Tash Rabat turning at 06:16 local time having left Naryn at 03:00 with only a few hours sleep. (Near the Torugart Pass, Kyrgyzstan.)

Womble and Bigfoot wait for our Chinese guides to arrive at the "Arch" (at the top of the Torugart Pass) to enter China from Kyrgyzstan.

The entire group (less Stephen and plus our Chinese guides) on the Chinese side of the Arch.

Les and Margaret clean some of the dust out of Kon-Tiki after the first 50km of dirt road in China.

A tiny part of the cloth section of the massive Sunday Market at Kashi (Kashgar) China.

One of many dentists at the Sunday Market at Kashi (Kashgar) China.

The Sunday Market at Kashi (Kashgar) China.

Bastille Day celebrations at the Seman Hotel, Kashi (Kashgar) China.

Stephen Stewart.

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