Photographs (May 2002).

This page contains photographs of the group during May 2002. The time on each photograph is GMT and therefore differs from local time by up to 5 hours.

Because of their size these photographs were uploaded from a cooperative "Internet Cafe" in the Silk Road Lodge, Bishkek.

This page may take several minutes to load.

Mog at the top of the Kop Pass (West of Erzuram) Turkey - 2370 meters.

Bigfoot beside an Ottoman bridge built between 1295 and 1304, Turkey.

Carl, Maureen, Pat and Ann consider how to re-attach Kon-Tiki's LPG tank that is falling off, Georgia.

Vardzia Medieval Cave complex and monastery, Georgia.

Pat and Les sample cheese in a local market, Georgia.

Stephen, Carl, Les, Clive, Margaret, Pat, Maureen and Ann at roadside camp site near Borjomi, Georgia.

Drinking peach tea at Ananuri beside a Georgian church complex (10th to the 17th century).

Maureen, Ann and Les at a look-out point on a high pass near the Russian border beyond Ananuri, Georgia

An English speaking "bag lady" on the road near Ananuri, Georgia.

The group's first camp fire beside the 'Wine Route' road between Zebota and Akhmeta, Georgia.

Kon-Tiki takes the high road at speed, but has to be towed out by Mog. Georgia.

The group celebrate crossing the infamous 'Wine Route Mountain Road" in the Lucky Strike restaurant in Telavi, Georgia.

At first it seemed as if the Tsinandali Vineyard Tour did not include any wine! Georgia.

But as you can see from Les's expression, it did!

In the rain the group climb a hill... visit a small..

..mud volcano!

The group queue at the Baki ferry terminal, Azerbaijan.

Love me, love my country (Turkmenbashi)!

Yes its me again (Turkmenbashi) up there in gold!

Mog and Bigfoot outside a magnificent 12th century mausoleum, Merv, Turkmenistan.

Merv, Turkmenistan.

Pat outside a mud fort, Merv, Turkmenistan.

More Merv, Turkmenistan.

The Nadir Divanbegi Medressa, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

The Kalon Tower, Bukhara, Uzbekistan (Reputedly only spared by Genghis Khan because of it's great height and beauty).

Stephen and Pat at the top of the Kalon Tower, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

The sublime Ismael Samami Mausoleum, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Maureen watches as the radiator is removed from Womble for repair at the ever helpful "Bus Garage" Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

The Barkers arrive with the good news (they do not have cholera) at the ever shady "Bus Garage" Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Silk weaving, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

The Chor Minor, a 4-towered mosque, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Kon-Tiki's "new" prop-shaft welded up from an old car prop-shaft by a mechanic provided by the "Bus Garage" Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Still going strong!

Stephen Stewart.

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