Wine at last and Azerbaijan.

Following our ordeal on the 9th of May we finally visited the Tsinandali vineyard we had driven so far to see, and it was surprisingly impressive in its scale and grandeur. The staff "employed" to show us round easily outnumbered us three to one, and no charge was left uncharged. But the wine was good.

The night of the 10th of May should have been spent wild camping overlooking Tbilisi, however around midnight the local police insisted we move camp and sleep near their checkpoint because of the danger of "armed bandits".

The 11th of May was spent in Mtskheta and Tbilisi.

Most of the 12th of May was devoted to getting into Azerbaijan! The process took more than two hours with passport checks, vehicle checks (on a pit and with what appeared to be a Geiger counter), road tax, customs duty, vaccination checks etc. The three smaller vans were classified as "cars" (or possibly minibuses) and only charged $15USA the two larger vans (Mog and Bigfoot) were charged $124USA for ten days use of the Azerbaijan roads.

The night of the 12th of May was spent just off a minor road south Tovuz in what appeared to be an abandoned fuel station.

Stephen Stewart.

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