Now we are two. (2002-04-18)

The Anglophone members of the trip are now two groups rather than three.

K-Nine, Kon-Tiki and Womble are thought to be at a Post Office garage in Hungary getting their vans serviced. The most up to date information being a text message from Les:

"We r a bit delayed by van work but still think 22nd is OK (for Istanbul) M,M,L,A&C"

Bigfoot and Mog are now together on the Superfast III ferry from Bari to Patras in Greece.

Although the Superfast Web Site shows pictures of happy camper vans on open sunny decks the reality is more prosaic. Bigfoot ended up partially in the open with Mog inside the ship between the big trucks. Loading was rather slow as we and all the trucks had to reverse into position one at a time.

The ferry itself however is very modern and comfortable.

Stephen Stewart.

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