Where are we (2002-04-16)?

The English-speaking members of the trip are converging on Istanbul, we think.

Communications between us are complicated at the moment. The Mog (Stephen and Pat) are in contact with Kon-Tiki (Les and Margaret), K-Nines (Clive and Ann) and Womble (Maureen) by SMS (Text) messages. The last one received from Les several days ago said:

"C last seen Buda 18:00 we r in Miskolc awaiting arrival L,M&M"

The Mog is also in contact with Bigfoot (Carl) via Iridium (satellite) phone.

Bigfoot was outside Rome last night.

The Mog is also in contact with Mary (who will join Carl in Bigfoot later in the trip) via e-mail and Iridium text messages.

We (Stephen and Pat) were wild camped just outside the Castel del Monte last night ready to meet up with Bigfoot on the 18th at the Bari to Patras ferry.

Stephen Stewart.

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